1. You have described very good about the google adsense but the one thing i like more about is that they are paying far much better than the other and the one thing i like and heard much is that some time may be without a actual reason they can ban your account.

  2. One thing which I hate about Adsense is their payment system. They should offer more options in India for payment (Paypal, direct deposit or anything which automates the process).

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Harsh, I don’t have any problem with their payment system because its more than 5 years I never missed a single cheque from them. I have worked with many affiliate programs like CJ & Clickbank where it takes more than 15 days to reach the payment here & another 21 to 30 days to clear the dollar cheques. Yes, it will be better if we get the payment either through PayPal or direct deposit. Thanks for your comment.

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