What to do if you Receive a Fake Note

fake note

Have you ever received a fake note? Well! I did receive here in Mumbai. In Mumbai, I received a fake note of Rs 100 few times and even Rs 500 once. How did I find out that the note is fake? Initially I was not able to make out the note is fake because there […]

10 Ways You Can be Safe While Using ATM


24 X 7 ATM make our lives very easy because you don’t have to go to bank for transactions. However, this comfort could bring many others, unforeseen dangers. Today using ATM could be dangerous if you are not cautious enough. You have to remain safe and vigilant every time you use ATM for transaction. Therefore […]

4 Ways to Easily Develop More Self Confidence


Many people lack self confidence at times. It is not just shy or introverted personalities who seem to struggle. The good news is that there are several different ways you can easily develop self confidence in your life. Consider applying the following tips and you will begin to gain some momentum in your life. 1. […]

Know these Facts Before Taking a Health Insurance Plan


There are plenty of health insurance plans offered by various companies. Sometime you get confused choosing one of them. Hence, we wrote an article to help you choosing a right kind of insurance plan for you and your family. So you must avoid buying a wrong policy and regret later. Consider following facts before you […]

Top 5 Problems You Can Face in Online Shopping


Another revolution that is coming in India is online shopping. Hundreds of big shopping sites, big discounts and millions of transactions daily on these Ecommerce portal. Online shopping has changed the way of shopping of the ordinary people. Online shopping is becoming part of every other person and it has made shopping the most convenient […]

Top 5 Problem Work from Home Mom Faces


It seems like the Work from Home Mom is more comfortable or is doing easy job by working from home. But NO the Working mom and the Work from Home Mom both have to battle between the work life balance. Work from Home Mom also faces lots of problems as they are working from home […]

How to Prepare a Digital Will for Your Digital Assets?


We all take succession of our belongings very seriously. In order to make our succession plan smoother we work out every possible way. However, have you ever considered digital assets as your belongings? It is because when we talk of belongings it only means movable and immovable holdings. But we never consider digital assets as […]

The Pros & Cons of Paid Online Survey Jobs

online surveys jobs

We all know that the economy is uncertain and so cannot be predicted and many times it gets even worse. That is the cause why most of the people are hugging the culture of working from comfort of home. Even professionals take up online jobs in order to pay the bills and save amount of […]

7 Job Hunting Myths You Should Beware Of


Looking for a job is a very hectic process. And we do experience this at one time or another. Whether you are a fresher or you have a lot of experience, you won’t be sticking to a single company for the rest of your life. This means that you’ll be out there looking for a […]

Most Common Money Management Mistake People Make


You might have heard the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin about money: ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. Savings can bring a lot of benefits and this can be done only when the money is managed in an effective manner. Even though, you begin your year with high ambitions and effective investment plans, at […]