10 Ways to Save Money on Food Without Compromising


Including a diet that is mostly organic, raw, wholesome and unprocessed can help people in maintaining a healthy weight and this type of diet will also help people in gaining the required energy for participating in the day to day activities. However, the important thing to remember here is that healthy foods do not come […]

How to Get Right Education Loan in India?


William Shakespeare written in his Hamlet, ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’. Even though, many people wish to live as per this quote, it is something turning out to be highly impossible these days. Regardless of whether it is investing in a property or trying to pursue higher education, borrowing has become common today […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World


Art can be only described in single word ‘expression’. Art or painting is the paper and color work of an artist’s inner feeling. On the other a painting not only carries the expression of any specific artist but also it lives year after years with having the time-witness. It cannot be removed within minutes and […]

10 Businesses You Can Start Even with Rs. 1000


The economy is growing and looking at the trend, it will continue to grow. With this, there are a number of small business opportunities which can bank on the possibilities. If you have plans to go big with an investment as low as Rs. 1,000 (or none), here are a few ideas you can try […]

How to Pay Income Tax Online In India?


Income Tax Authorities in India permit individuals to self-assess their income and they can pay the taxes accordingly. However, many individuals believe that his/her income tax return is just a drop in the ocean for the authorities and so they do not file their return. The important thing to remember here is that deliberately hiding […]

These 5 Home Loan Tips Can Save Your Money


Home Loan is a good option for all those who can’t pay the property amount at a time. The rising property rates have brought the option of home loan to many home dreamers. Once you have finalized the property the next question comes in mind of the home loan and the finance companies in the […]

The Best Jobs in India for Lazy People


Have you ever imagined some of the laziest jobs in India? If you are a couch potato and does not like to work but you still want to earn some money then there you got to read this article. We have listed 10 jobs that a laziest guy on this planet can do. You need […]

Top 5 MLM Plans in India


Imagine you are a cloth merchant. You sell 100 shirts a day. It sounds satisfactory but can you sell more? Much more than the average count? Multi-level Marketing (MLM) plans are optimized to give your business the necessary boost to sell your products and services like never before. Listed below are top 5 MLM plans […]

A Complete Guide for Surrogate Mother to Make Money from Surrogacy


Surrogacy is an agreement between the childless couple and the surrogate mother who is going to rent her womb till the birth of the child of the childless couple. In surrogacy the surrogate mother gets paid for becoming pregnant for the childless couple. India is a destination for surrogacy for people from all over the […]

Top 10 Suggestions for People Working from Home


Working from home is the new cool. Everyone is opting nowadays for an online job. Some do it as a primary job, while others do it as a part time job. But almost every second person in this world today is involved in some or the other kind of online job. There are a number […]