eBay And Its Monopoly

This article will describe how there is no other better alternatives in the market viable than eBay. There are lots of players similar to eBay but eBay is largest online marketplace having strong hold on buyers and sellers. It strews millions of members worldwide.

It has strong hold on online auction which is day by day growing steadily. eBay is such an overwhelming company breeds arrogance. It often becomes unhealthy with contempt of its members. eBay has been described as unresponsive towards its members and in some cases behave like dictatorial.

Moreover, the subscription charges collected from its members are often criticized being very expensive. The member feels that eBay is exploiting. eBay also owns PayPal. PayPal charge some extra fees for using it services for eBay.

Reason Behind eBay Monopoly

Now, let us talk about why eBay hold monopoly and why there is no other online marketplace viable like eBay? There are several online auction websites but none to them are competent like eBay. They are not equivalent to eBay in terms of magnificent listing of products, its sales.

Other marketplace where people think of selling their products can be Amazon.com. But still they may not succeed like eBay. There are other UK based auction websites likeebay-monopoly Vivastreet, Ebid, Playtrade, Webidz, Swapz, Cqout, Preloved, Avabid, Gumtree make their attempt to compete eBay but they almost failed except one or two. The most common reason of failure is low traffic resulting into low sales.

Why Other eBay Alternative Sites Failed

As said above main reason of failure of these websites is low traffic. They are unable to attract buyers which ultimately hesitate sellers to list their products on these websites. Even though, these websites do not charge anything to sell items on their website.

On seller part, they merely consider waste of time listing hundreds of items on such website which probably sell one item in a month. Again seller earns less than what they sell on eBay. And thus bigger auction websites grows bigger.

Reason Behind eBay Success

To find out the reason of eBay success, primary cause of its success is the way they advertise and put efforts to give top ranking to the website for almost each product. eBay advertise each product that is available on the site. No matter how minor or major is the product; eBay is always on top ranks when the product is searched in Google and Yahoo.

This does not happen with smaller auction website. Smaller website should understand and follow the business model of eBay to succeed in this field. Another main reason behind the failure of alternative auction site is lack of spending power like eBay.

Such eBay alternative auction site offer totally free auction considering that people who are tired paying eBay fees will come to their site one day. This can happen to some extent but sellers will frustrate if they do not find buying power like eBay. Alternative site owners should spend some funds in advertising campaigns and build links and develop attractive web contents.


To summarize, the fact is eBay has no other workable alternative and holds its monopoly in the online auction marketplace. Small auction website who wishes competing eBay should monetize their website and become big to really build huge marketplace for them.



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