Everything About mTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk)

There is no doubt mTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk) is one of the simplest way of earning some little extra income in part time but many of the people don’t know about some of the smart tips & tricks to get the full advantage of mTurk.

This article will explain you everything about Amazon mechanical turk with some of the best tips only few of mTurk workers are using & earning double than other workers with no extra efforts.

After reading this article, you can even work on other top 10 crowd sourcing websites & make even more money.

Know everything about MTurk before you start workingamazon mechanical turk (mturk)

Don’t start blindly. Learn everything about MTurk that you will see once you logged in to your MTurk account. Once you understand everything then it will be easy to work on Amazon Mechanical Turk. We have also included some of the best tips & tricks in this article that will help you to maximize your MTurk earnings.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a marketplace to work on small micro jobs that can’t be completed automatically by computers and so require human ideas to complete these small jobs. MTurk allows small businesses and website owners to access to a diverse, on-demand, scalable workforce and gives workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever it’s convenient.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is based on the idea that there are still many things that human beings can do much more effectively than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, complete a small survey, rate or like a website, share the contents on social media sites, transcribing audio recordings, finding some data online, review a product or site and hundreds of different tasks. Earlier, if you want to complete such tasks, you need to hire people on temporary basis which is time consuming and expensive but same thing on Amazon Mechanical Turk is the easier, faster and cheaper.

What‘s the difference between a Worker & Requester in mTurk?

A requester is a person, website owner or a company who provides the tasks to mTurk so that thousands of its workers can see these tasks and complete them. A worker is a person who wants to make money on mTurk & completes the tasks provided by requester.

What is a HIT?

A Human Intelligence Task, or HIT, is nothing but task provided by the requester to be completed. On successful completion of the task, worker gets rewarded.

How do I join mTurk as a Worker?

Visit mTurk signup details for joining this.

How do I complete a HIT?

One you signup on MTurk, login to your account and view thousands of HITs available there. Click the “Accept HIT” button while viewing the HIT. Complete the HIT according to its instructions, fill out the form with the results, and click the “Submit HIT” button. After you submit your results for the HIT, another similar HIT will be presented for you to accept.

How do I receive my money from MTurk?

Once you complete a HIT in mTurk, the requester will check this and if satisfied approves your HIT. When Amazon checks the approval from requester, it transfer the money from requester’s prepaid balance to worker’s Amazon payment account. You can check everything on the dashboard like how many tasks you have completed successfully, how many rejected, how much is the balance etc.

Once your account in Amazon Mechanical Turk reaches more than US $10, you can ask to withdraw your payment. Its better, you withdraw after every US $100 as there is $4 deduction every time you request a withdrawal. People in India will receive money by INR cheques.

What is a bonus payment?

A bonus is an extra incentive from a Requester. If a requester feel your work is excellent and better than what he wanted, he may choose to pay you extra commission for the same reward you already paid for.

I am from India. How do I receive my payment in INR?

Its good if you are from India. After US dollar, Amazon has INR as the only second currency option and sends all the cheques in INR to Indian people. You will need to provide your birth proof, PAN card, voting card, passport or any other ID proof issued by Govt. You can scan this and send by email or mail your documents to mTurk mailing address.

All the information you need to sign up to receive payments in Indian Rupees is provided on the Account Settings page. After your submitted information is verified, you will be eligible to withdraw your money in INR. Amazon will send you the cheque payment on your given verified address.

My task was rejected, what should I do?

A Requester has the right to reject the task if he thinks, its wrong or not satisfactory. But if you feel your answer was right or you did the task successfully, you can directly contact the requester. In most of the cases, requester approves the work if a worker contact him and justify his work.

How much time do I have to work on a HIT?

Requesters can specify a HIT’s “Allotted Time” or how long a worker can hold on to a HIT once he accept the HIT. So once you accept the task, its your responsibility to give the priority to that task and complete that in the allotted time. In many cases, the worker accept this but does not complete so other workers who wants to complete that have no option to complete that.

In this case neither you nor other worker completed the HIT and requester does not get his task completed in the reasonable time period. So this ensures that if you did not complete the task in allotted time, the HIT is available to other worker.

MTurk Tips & Tricks

At present, MTurk is very strict about new signup. Its difficult to get the approval from Amazon Mechanical Turk. But you can try your luck. Its a good thing if you get the approval but there is no need to worry, if you don’t get approval. You can signup other 10 websites like MTurk & start working on these sites.

But if you have already got the approval from Amazon Mechanical Turk, then you can try these smart tips to work on MTurk. I am sure these tips & tricks will maximize your earnings in MTurk.

I hope you enjoy this information & it will benefit you one way or other. If you have any question or suggestion on Mturk then you can write this through comments below.

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  1. hai priya…u done a very good job….thanks for that…..i created a mturk account throug usa addres but amazon payment acount asking me SSN ..??? is there other option for to create amazon payment account without SSN….plz plz reply me and help me

    • Now a days, Amazon does not take Indian users for mTurk. Please wait for sometime for mTurk. You can work with other companies.

    • sosinlung says:

      You can’t use american address, Indian don’t have SSN like American..SSN means Social Security Number. Every citizen of America have SSN

    • I have Unverified Indian MTURK ID. Those who wants just call me 0452-3203537 ,09367788881

  2. singaravelan says:

    at present i have no job so, i need online work from home website…

  3. hey I am an Indian and I have an account on mturk somehow. But when i registering amazon payments, they only allow to US residence and its need Social Security Number. actually what I want to know is that is there any way to withdrawal.some positive answer.

  4. I have applied for google adsense twice but both time i was not approved, then i have left the work and not tried after.
    Pls suggest how to get approved on google adsense ?
    Also, i let you know that both time they have rejected my application with the reason that “insufficient content”.
    I know that i am a beginner but please suggest me to get approval and to earn from Google Adsense.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Anil Kshatriya

  5. iam a 18 year aged student of anna university,
    can i do this job.whether this job or company is genuine in paying?

  6. poornima says:

    amazon m turk is no.1 cheating company. they cheated indian workers. after signup this website the message appears you were not authorise to signup or something related message. they are not accept indian workers.

    • LIJO JOHN says:

      Most of the Indians are cheaters. Amazon is excellent company where i earn 20000-30000 per month. If you want proof. I can show you. mail me lijojohn1950 @ gmail.com

  7. priyanka says:

    Is there any cost to work with them , because after registration most of the websites ask money in which they say they will send some training kit.



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  11. ashish kumar says:

    i tried to signup on amazon Mtruk but they are not accepting requester outside US

  12. hi, i just updated my address before few days, but after that i am not able to accept any hit, can you please tell me what to do now?
    i am not getting any link where i can upload my document please provide me the link….

    thank you

  13. I have created mturk id but it is not approval so what should I do to start the mturk id now.

  14. sreenivas says:

    Sir I like to work with mturk but I git one us id from amazon but it has no security no please help me

  15. I Like amazon mturk work projet pls ID. My email id kmbalaji5@gmail.com Tamil nadu

  16. Babu kidangan says:

    mturk suspended my account and forfeited my balance telling false reasons.How I can rejoin and get my payments.

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Hi Babu,

      Please contact the customer support care with all the proper details & ask them why they deactivated your account & how to open this again.

      • sir i want to work online plz give me proper guide how to work i tried ur site lots of tme but their is no proper way to understand how it wrk…i am a handicap person i really do somtng on my ownway so plz guide me how to do

  17. hi !!!!does mturk is payable website???someone says i have to pay Rs.6000 to join in mturk????is it true…or he is cheating me???

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Dear Shobika,
      Don’t pay anything to these cheaters. mTurk is one of the best way to earn money & its absolutely free to join. Now a days, mTurk does not give approval to everyone because of such scammers.

  18. Hi sir! i now got a mturk account. but now the problem is it is asking to create Amazon Payments account. but i cannot create a amazon payment account because the registrayion for amazon payments is only for U.S. how can i signup for amazon payments from india. help me..

  19. Dwaragachary says:

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  31. Hi I am looking for a genuine home based work without investment. Kindly advise if Indians can also register to this as few of the above comments from different people says they are not able to get registered. Please send the necessary details to my email id to start today. Thanks….

  32. Praveen Sharma says:

    I have registered on mturk. But my application has been declined. Can anyone tell me why my application has been declined or how I can reapply & get registered. So that I can work on mturk & make some money.

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  34. saravanan.s says:

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  40. shivabasava says:

    can any one tell me ,Why my request for mturk as a worker rejected, saying that “Your Amazon Mechanical Turk Account has been reviewed

    We have completed our review of your Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker Account. Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to work on Mechanical Turk. Thank you for your interest in Mechanical Turk.

    kindly help me.

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  53. Everyone running to earn an extra money to fulfill their need. However, most of online job sites suck our efforts and never pay anything, I read all comments from top, seems, most of the accounts get suspended once reached certain amount, one guy send Passport scan copy though he did not get money.

    Few commented as “Great Job”, “Good Site” etc etc…

    Is there any successful history? Any one person got money from this or any one site?
    Please be frank….

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    Can I receive payments via paypal? I would like to have it in paypal as it is connected to my bank account. Please help

  60. catherine says:

    hi.. i’m trying to join this work… I’ve shared the link in 3 sites as told.. but I did not get any confirmation yet… Tell me how it works and if there’s any deposit needed.

  61. do we have to deposit some money in starting this thing?

  62. vimala says:


    Am not able to singup as a worker. Please provide me the link to signup as it is giving message as outside US region can not be register.


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  68. sheila swami says:

    I had joined this site about a year ago by ping Rs.600/- and when my account came upto some amount I wanted to withdraw the mone. I was told to send some proof and I scanned my passport and sent However every time I sent I got a reply saying not clear send another docucment which I sent and that too was according to them not clear. I got fed up and stopped after spending quite a lot of time

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Hi Sheila,
      Yes, there may be some incidence like this. You can scan a clear photo ID, resize it so that it will be under 100 KB and then send to them.

  69. chetan verma says:

    i want to join it,,,,,, it is free to join or some security reqd.

  70. Himanshu says:

    Hi! Dear “Part Time Online Jobs”,

    I recently joined “Amazon Mechanical Turk” & have been working with them since 4 days now. I had registered at Mturk with a nationality as India (IN) in my account. Yesterday when I re-logged in, the nationality changes to US on its own. & my account balance was revised to $0 from a roughlt $ 4.5 with a pending HIT approvals of about 19 which would fetch me at least $7-8 more. This is lame & so I have mailed them under Contact Us Tab. It has been over 20 hours now & I havent heard from them yet. What could be the probable cause of this? Any help is appreciated.

  71. Chirayush Barot says:

    I want to join please….

  72. Hi Part Time Online Jobs,

    Thanks a lot for the great tips and suggestions to work safe in Mturk.com . Please tell me is there any way to get back the suspended account?

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Hi Riaz,
      If the account is suspended without any reason then you can contact mTurk customer care and give them valid reason.

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  74. shrinivasG says:

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    Thanx a lot for dis gr8 post.mTurk is really very good site for making money in your leisure time with comfort at home or elswhere.Grab it
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  76. I like it

  77. Hi,

    I am currently working in mturk,
    1.but I have seen several posts over the net that they just suspend the accounts(mostly when you have earned a lot and there is nothing wrong from you end),without any valid reason.Is this true?
    2.Do they really pay indians(users receiving cheques)?

  78. hi kindly guide me the procedure of joining these job and how to activate the work

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    hi, i’m from bangladesh.can i join this?

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    • Part Time Jobs says:

      Hi masilamani,
      Its really sad to know your mTurk account is suspended. Contact the mTurk support team immediately and ask them the reason for this.


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  111. Please advise can two people work at a time in two different systems with one internet connection?

    With one internet connection can we have two different usesr IDs.

  112. chandrasekher says:

    My account was suspended 30 days before. Am i eligible to create a new account?

    Kindly advise the policy and procedures to start work again for suspended account holders?

    How many days the workers should be away after the suspension?

    • Part Time Jobs says:

      Hi Chandrashekher,
      Please read the t n c of the mturk sites completely before creating a new account. You can send an email to mturk support team and ask them reason of suspension or if they can enable your account back.

  113. Rajamani N K says:

    I want to make money by doing internet jobs. Please assist me in doing this.

  114. Hello Steve,
    I might have been interested if the bloger would not have read my mind and said I wasn’t. Wander what else I am or NOT interested in.
    Thank anyway Steve

    Information is always good in my world.

  115. Great post here. Not everyone has yet heard about Mturk, though the jobs are boring, you can make nice money from it once you get familiar with the interface and pump those small HITS out fast.

    One thing you didn’t mention, it can actually be used TWO ways. It is not ONLY about a way to make money. But anyone with an internet business can use it as a way to crowdsource work.

    • Part Time Jobs says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks you like the post. Yes, that is right that an internet business can use it as a way to crowdsource work. I have not mentioned this here because the reader of this blog are interested only in money making part.

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