Tutorial on How to Complete HIT in mTurk.

mTurk is one of the best way to make part time income and thousands of people are making good income from this site. But many of the people who just start mTurk does not get the complete idea of completing HITs in mTurk. So this article may help you out.

mturk hit tutorial

Video Demo of mTurk HIT

Just check here one of the video where you will get the idea of how to complete a task. There are thousands of tasks in mTurk & we can’t show you sample tasks for each and every task. So here is the real demo on how to complete a HIT.


In this demo, Mr. Ashish Gupta is explaining you things like dashboard, how to check your current earnings, total earnings etc. And then he explains you with a real example of completing a HIT.

He explains you how to browse the HITs, how to accept it and how to work on this. The name of the HIT is “Answer easy factual questions about a common object” where he provide answer about staircase. Check the video twice to understand better.

Daily thousands of new tasks added in mTurk. So once you get the idea of how to complete different tasks, you can start completing them very fast. Also check our tips where we have shown how smartly you can complete HIT in mTurk.



  1. says

    Thank u for your demo in mturk.

    Respected Sir, I work in mturk. Sir, Money request send for 15 days before but not give the cheque till date. this business is true or false. please say

    Thanking you,
    EMAIL ID :senthilchess@gmail.com

    • Nowshika says

      hi mohammed
      I think you clicked the wrong button
      you musnt click the “get started” yellow button
      but click the blue button on the right hand side top saying “worker”
      then its just a normal fill form

  2. Poongodi says

    I have created an amazon.com account many times .when I made enrollment, the account has been suspended. why this was happened?

  3. sandeepdamor says

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Can you explain me how to work on this. I mean what is actual work and how can i join m truck.
    reply on my mail.


  4. Sarathi Vigneswar says


    Thanks for the demo.. Actually i had applied previous but it is getting rejected.
    Do we have eligibility criteria to get approved for Indians?
    Or any contact details to get joined?

    Please update me on the same on my email sarathik86@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Jacob says

    Dear Priya,

    When I click demo of MTurk on how to complete a HIT,it says this video does not exist.What is the reason?

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