Top 10 PTC Sites in 2012. Earn Money With Trusted PTC Web Sites

There are millions of people worldwide who are dependent on PTC sites or Paid to click websites when it comes to fulfill their extra earning requirements. But only a fraction of people are earning good money from these paid to click sites. There are many reason for this but one of the biggest reason is many of them join scam PTC sites. Yes, there are thousands of scam ptc sites on internet but very few are trusted. It’s not wrong to say only 1% of PTC sites are genuine and paying their members. This article will show you some of the top PTC sites which are very old, performed well in 2011 and will maintain their trust in 2012.

Most of the sites are working from the last 5-7 years and paying their members regularlytop-ptc-sites without any  complaints from their members. The best tip to know whether any PTC site is genuine and paying their member is search in Google images. You can search with the keyword “site-name payment proof” where ‘site-name’ is the name of the site you want to check. Check with and  without using .com or the domain extension. If you find hundreds of payment proofs in the Google image search then the site is trusted and if you find 5-10 or no payment proofs then the site may be a scam site.

Note – If you are new to paid to click concept and want to know more about this the read Get Paid To Click Ad

Top 10 Paid to Click or PTC Sites in 2011 – 2012

We have done a complete research & have seen lots of payment proofs from the members of these top 10 PTC websites. Although we have found some more trusted sites but we thought of including only these top 10 sites. If you want to join other paid to click sites in future then just do a Google image search so that you never join any scam ptc site and waste your time and efforts. Just have a look on these top 10 paid to click sites- clixsense


By taking advantage of the ClixSense online advertising program, as a potential online consumer, you can actually get paid for your web browsing, up to $0.02 for every website visited. The income you earn is paid directly to you every month. The best part about the ClixSense program is that as a potential online consumer, there is no charge to register your new account and begin earning money immediately. Minimum balance to cashout is $8 for Premium members and $10 for Standard members.

Member Benefits

• Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available
• Earn Up To $0.02 Per Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click
• Earn Even More With their Affiliate Program
• Payments Via Check, Alertpay and PayPal
• Win Daily Prizes Up To $5.00
• Unlimited Direct Referrals
• Guaranteed Ads Daily

Join ClixSense Nowneobux


One of the oldest and best ptc site to join. NeoBux is a free worldwide service available in a multi-language environment. The earning depends on the number of factors like the type of membership, number of referrals and how many ads you and your referral view. You can view their FAQ section for complete understanding. Everyone in your family can join NeoBux but only one user per IP can login to NeoBux in 24 hrs.

Join NeoBux Nowbuxp


BUXP is a new innovative, international and free English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, “Browse Ads” page where members are able to view these ads and get paid. Minimum cashout is $8.00.

Earnings Per Click From You Earnings Per Click From Your Referral
Standard Members
5 Second Ads: $0.001
30 Second Ads: $0.005
45 Second Ads: $0.006
Video Ads: $0.001
Premium Members
5 Second Ads: $0.002
30 Second Ads: $0.01
45 Second Ads: $0.011
Video Ads: $0.002
Standard Members
5 Second Ads: $0.0005
30 Second Ads: $0.002
45 Second Ads: $0.003

Premium Members
5 Second Ads: $0.001
30 Second Ads: $0.004
45 Second Ads: $0.006

Join BUXP Now


WordLinx is a paid to click advertising system that has been online since 2003. Members earn up to $0.02 USD per click for visiting websites. The more sites visited, the more money will be earned. Members can withdraw earnings, or exchange them for services. You can earn $0.001 upto ten levels for every free member that signs up and refers another free member. Minimum cashout is $10.

Join WordLinx Nowclicksia


Clicksia is an international service, they have members from over 190 different countries. It doesn’t matter if you live in The United States, Brazil, or India: you can start earning with Clicksia today! Rated as one of the top PTC site.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Get Paid to Visit Websites
  • Get Paid to Complete Offer
  • Get Paid To Promote Clicksia
  • Up to 100% Referral Earnings
  • Traffic Exchange
  • $1.00 Minimum Payout   Join Clicksia Nowpplinx


Again one of the good paid to click site to join. They also have dedicated forum to support you. The best thing in PPLinx is you can make unlimited referrals. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 1$.

Join PPLinx Nowearneasycash


At EarnEasyCash you earn cash for viewing advertisements. Clicking banner ads, surfing through websites, reading emails, and playing games.

Member Benefits


  • Get Paid to Surf and Click
  • $1 Weekly Referral Contest
  • Win Cash & PTC Advertising in EarnEasyCash’s free Play While You Surf Game
  • Low $0.90 Payout for Basic Members Within Three Days!
  • No Minimum Low Payout for Premium Members!Join EarnEasyCash Nowcashnhits



At CashnHits, members have great opportunity to earn money by doing simple tasks like visiting their Advertisers sites, reading ads, completing offers, referring others, promoting CashnHits site and much more.

  • Paid to Click, Read, Promote, Sign Up and Many Contests
  • $0.60 Minimum Payout Standard | $0.05 For Upgraded Members
  • 10% Referral Earnings for Free Members & Upto 120% For Upgrade
  • Payments via PayPal/AlertPay/Liberty Reserve within 72 hours
  • Earn Upto $1 CPM from PTP and $5 Per Offer Completed
  • Free 50 X-Credits & 500 Banner Credits Upon JoiningJoin CashnHits Nowincrasebux


IncraseBux is an incentive site that allows yours to earn real money by completing simple tasks. The income you make will vary depending on a few factors including your membership type, amount of referrals in your down line, and type of advertisement viewed.


  • Earn up to $0.02 per click!
  • Up to $0.01 per referral click!
  • Free to Register
  • 24/7 Online Help
  • Instant Payments and Receiving System!
  • Detailed statistics of your referral clicks!Join IncraseBux Now linkgrand



For each link, you will earn $0.003. For every 10 links, this equals three cents ($0.03). You can earn more money by referring other members to our program and receiving 30% of the earnings they make by clicking links.You will receive 30% of the earnings your referrals make on clicking links. This works out to $0.0009 for each link they click. If an advertiser makes a purchase from your referral URL, you will receive 10% of that purchase. Join LinkGrand Nowincentria


Incentria is one of the best place to make money. They provide a free Pay to Click service. But there are many other  PTC sites who offer same type of services. So what makes Incentria different from others? What makes it stand out from the crowd? First of all when it comes to participating in high quality “get paid to click” programs they have years and years of experience, therefore an incredible reputation they have to maintain and they will go the extra mile to keep all their members happy and satisfied. They provide reliable and on time payments, a very fast customer support service, excellent website uptime and reliability.    Join Incentria Now

So these are some of the top PTC sites where you can join, get assured of viewing hundreds of ads and other earning offers and regular payments. All these sites has got a great payment history with good feedback from their members. So join all these sites, click as many ads you can, refer as many members you can and see the results.

One of the most important point here is all these sites either pay by PayPal or AlertPay. They are free to join and you can transfer your PayPal or AlertPay money in your bank. Write your comments if you are making money from any of these sites and how you find these PTC sites fulfilling your extra income needs. We love to hear from you.



  1. reetika says

    Hey Rashmikant!!!!!!!!!

    This site is absolutely free to earn. Just signup the above sites and start earning unlimited..

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    Hi..i feel that the payment is very very less per click..It will take months together to reach a handsome earning

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    i am very excited to join this work and make more and more money form this interesting money making site. now i can not wait any more……

  7. s.m.tareq says

    I trust this but i cannot understand that can i do this in my mobile phone.and i can withdraw my money via my credit card.

    • Part Time Online Jobs says

      Hi S M Tareq,
      if your mobile support this, then you can do this or you can contact the individual website to ask the same. You can withdraw money though PayPal.

  8. rima says

    i dont hav a paypal or any other account…………..which site pays through check??internationally??

  9. Lalit Kumar Sharma says

    Hi Manoj
    if your mobile support this, then you can do this or you can contact the individual website to ask the same. You can withdraw money though PayPal.

  10. jaya pandey says

    there are 2 PTC websites which pay me $1049 and $8490 within 20-25 days after payout.
    just sign up and become rich as I…..

  11. dhivya says

    i joined this website. but i doesnt know to start working in it.. also i have no accounts in my name personally.. please guys, can any one guide me how to start to work in this.. can i expect reply.

      • dhivya says

        pls conform me that website name.. i logged in facebook.. but i cant understand how to go with it. but thanks for ur previous reply..

  12. anjali sirvastava says

    all the ptc sites they donot pay anything unless invest in them. i tried for 2 years but got nothing and i wasted so many time. the amount they pay for each clike is very low. it is not acceptable. unless you recommend or hire the members you cannot earn more. over all, it is not easy to get money.

  13. anjali sirvastava says

    dear friends, do not waste your valuable time on this. they are totally baseless. we simply cannot invest in these comapanies as they are foreign in nature. we cannot trust them simply vogus. i tried 2dollar click, 6 dollar click and other 15 ptc sites for the last 2 years and result is zero.

    donot venture to do this.

  14. Aji says

    Dear friends,

    There is no GAIN without a PAIN . all of the PTC website mentioned above are good and legitimate , the fact is unless and until you upgraded or reinvested with minimum of 50$ and effort of min 6 months to 1 year no one is going to make substantial amount of money. You make or find own strategies to earn handsome monthly payout . Wish all successes .

  15. abhaya says

    actually i dont know how to open a paypal account.and how to en-cash the money from all this site requires a paypal there any Indian site which pays in

  16. Naveen gaur says

    hello sir,

    i agree with you.. but i dont know how to create PAYPAL Account and what will be Payment Proof and how will start Earn Money with jobs8home ….. please tell me and do clear….. mob. 07827176163 Naveen Gaur (Noida)



      hello sir,

      i agree with you.. but i don`t know how to create PAYPAL Account and what will be Payment Proof and how will start Earn Money with jobs8home ….. please tell me and do clear….. mob.

    • samir says

      brother creating paypal account is absolutely free. you just need pan card no. and nothing more. just go to sign up and fill up form with your true information, 100% your information is safe there and open individual account. after that you have to verify your account which is so easy. just add your bank account details without any worry. paypal will deposit two small amount in your bank account. after 3-5 days it will appear in your bank paasbook statement. log in paypal with your email and paasword enter the amount deposited by paypal after correct entry your paypal account becomes verified, and your sending and withdrawing limits removed. in india paypal account must be verified to receive payments. adding your bank account with paypal and set it to auto withdraw helps you to withdraw the funds from paypal account to your local bank account within 5-7 working days. Visit this site hope it will prove useful to u

  17. Adhilakshmi says

    i don’t have understand any details so Pls so many details .i dont have a paypal or any other account…wich site pays through check??internationally?? am waiting for your reply. thank you


  18. Raj says

    Hello friend now i am working with a company but i am from home and believe company working for me(not only me) but here some investment it is really paying weekly ,no minimum payout.interested people can contact me at

    • Sai says

      I am a person who is interested to earn by working online as i have lot of free time.Can you please elaborate on what you are speaking about ?

  19. V.S.VIJAYAKUMAR. says

    kindly let me know the genuine online job which i can take up , if so , if u could give me some references along with there phone numbers it would be of great help to me from your end for me to make money ONLINE. I live in MYSORE SO IF THE REFERENCES ARE IN MYSORE IT WOULD FAVOUR ME. Even Bangalore REFERENCES is also okay. I am awaiting your cooperation regarding this online income.
    Hence i am hoping to get a favourable reply fro your end.
    Yours, vijayakumar, 9844738754.

    • says

      Dear Vijai,
      You may contact me regarding Online jobs. The firm is based in Bangalore for almost 10 years. Also I can discuss with you several other novel ways to generate online income. Call: 9035853767

  20. R C Maheshwari says

    I am a new person and proposing to start make money On Line. I am going through the literature given to me and still making my mind from where to start ?

  21. says

    Thank you very much for this interesting information about PTC sites.
    I actually like this way a lot to earn fast money from here.
    It is really an optimistic way to get sufficient revenue from here.
    Thanks again!!

  22. vinod says

    Dear Priyaji,
    Thanks for very important 10 sites for earning online. As you know, we are communicating for the last 2 far result is nil. Now I want to join any one of these sites, I hope all is without any investment. As per you expertise in this field, please suggest which site is simple, genuine, without investment and timely payment. What is the best mode for payment receiving Pay Pal or any other methods? If I give my Bank A/c No. – Is it safe for me? Please suggest me which is simplest means ,(maximum earning in minimum time). Any tips, if you want to share for safety point of view, please suggest.
    Remember, now you are my one of favorable member in my non-political platform (Bharatiya Parivesh), so kindly get in touch and requests other friends to join/become member of “Bhartiya Parivesh”, After election many of V.I.P’s are expected to join it, so please support continue. I am awaiting your suggestion.

  23. Girani says

    Hi, guys, in my experience, these PTC, PTR are not fetching much money. I hope if there is any job like data entry, that will be better instead!

    • lokesh says

      why you thinking ptc will not give you more money i didn’t understand… i am a platinum member in vilvin and earning 9$+ by ptc and 5.75$ by data entry which is very simple

      • Venkatesh says

        Hi, Lokesh, I am already registered with Neobux, Clixsense and Probux. Please let me know
        about ‘Data entry jobs”.
        Thanking you,

  24. smita munishwar says

    hie, i m very much in need, i m not getting how to work with this sites plz help me and give me details how to join and work with it

    • Veena says


      There are many kinds of online jobs available but you should be beware of scam. As you are looking for online jobs I can suggest for PTC sites like nerdbux, neobux , probux etc. there are many scam sites also available but few are very genuine and pay . these are the advertising sites which pay you on per click basis , per click value varies from $0.001 to $0.2 depending on the sites and ads length. Do try out some . Here are few links which might help you.

  25. VEEREN says

    As per your mail, what ever the sites are suggested by you, are very less income. All the above sites are asking or Paypal account, as per the RBI new rule, there are so much restriction about the Paypal. These sites required maximum efforts and minimum payment.
    Those these sites are starting paying from 2$ but on next payment is increasing the limit. For 2$ also you required minimum 150 days regular working. So you are woking for 150 days for 2$ (2*60 = 120Rs).
    What a greate sites and greate rewards.

  26. santanu konwar says

    Respected sir/madam/admin. of myself Mr. santanu konwar from Jorhat Assam. I am registered many ptc site but main fact is some site is not real. Last month i registered, my account balance reaches into their TOC but when i request to payout their server said to me PAYMENT IS DISABLE FOR TODAY. I am very frausted because i am adding fund $10 USD. So i think this is illigel and band this sites. BEWARE OF SCAMERS AND FRAUD, otherwise you lost your hardly income valuable MONEY.

  27. sukhy says

    these sites are great i am using neobux , buxp ,and clixsense and i am earning good income from them
    but also one more site u should try
    this is very good site . try it

  28. Toufique Ahmed says

    Dear Admin,Will you kindly tell me the Top ten PTC site supports alertpay.
    Please inform me.

  29. shweta bhardwaj says

    M also join this website to earn money plz advice how to join and start the work .nd wt is the procedure to work?

  30. subhas majumdar says

    Thanks to the jos8home,for your research results and corresponding advices for Top PTC sides where money can be earned.I have listed all of these and now trying them one after another.If i get positive results ,i must inform you as a token of your Hard toil for the benefit of others without any interest.Thank s all of you once again.

  31. saleem says

    the work is more and payments are very less. eg. dollar 0.0006 for a one click every day.
    this is bull shit and every time the minimum pay out is increased.
    this is cheating and using our valuable time on internet.


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