Top 20 Hottest Online Jobs

You are just out of college and not being able to find a good job. Well! This is the story of every fresh graduate in India and world over.

But you do not have to worry in this age of Internet. Whether you are B.Sc, B.Com, BCA, B.Pharma, BA, MA or even an engineering graduate, you can work online andhottest-online-jobs make a lot of money in short period of time.

I am presenting you with 20 hottest online jobs. You can easily choose one out of them and start working. Some jobs are for fresh graduates with no experience and some are for experienced professionals.

Here are those 20 online jobs.

1. Desktop Support

Desktop Support is very basic one. If you know basic things about computers then you can easily do this job. If you do not have any knowledge about computers then you can read books and spend some time learning about computers.

2. Academic Writing

If you like to blog or write small essays then you can easily become an academic writer. You have to write Essay titles, instructional pamphlets, hand outs, presentations etc.

3. Education & Tutoring

You can educate and help others. Online training is becoming a fast trend and companies need people who can train online. It is very easy. It is all about your hobby. For example, if your hobby is to read history books then you can educate people about history.

4. Brochure Design

Every young graduate needs a resume. If you are good at designing then you can design some brochures and make money.

5. Voice Talent

Voice talent is for people who can speak in different voices. It is not for everyone but for people with special talent.

6. Internet Marketing

In Internet marketing, you sell products to online customers. You make money through selling products. For this, you have to promote your product via various means. Internet marketing is no brainer and anyone can start it. It is free to get started.

7. Audit

The people with B.Com background can do Auditing. If you have a degree in B.Com then you can handle this job.

8. Transcription

In transcription jobs, you convert speech into a text document. It is a good job for less experienced candidates.

9. Mobile Apps

 Mobile Apps are trending very fast. Daily, new apps are coming and software companies need developers. This job is for BCA graduates. Some experience in programming is required.

10. HTML 5

Again, this is for people with programming background. HTML 5 would be the hottest online job. In future, videos will be made in HTML 5.

11. Geo Location

Geo location is also a software-based service. You might have heard about Foursquare. Therefore, this job is on a rise.

12. Amazon Kindle eBook

If you love to write then you can create eBooks and sell on Amazon kindles. If you have something, great to write then you could make a lot of money by selling it on Amazon kindle.

13. Cryptography

Today security is of more concern than ever. Your username, password and other details must be perfectly encrypted to protect from hackers. Hence, jobs related to creating safe and secure computing is needed these days. Again, this is for experienced professionals.

14. MySQL

MySQL is a database program. Today every website needs a backend database to save names, email address and other details of people. Therefore, MySQL programming is high in demand. This is for candidate with programming background.

15. Technical Writing

Technical writing is absolutely fit for engineering graduates. It is a way of technical communication in the fields like computer software and hardware, consumer electronics and other branches of engineering.

16. Fiction

If you have done BA or MA then fiction writing is good for you. You can write stories for many publications. Newcomers could easily write fiction.

17. C# Programming

C# Programming is from .NET platform. If you know this language then you can find many programming jobs online. This job is for computer science students.

18. Biotechnology

Biotechnology jobs are growing very rapidly. It is the future of science. Graduates from biotechnology background can find many jobs online in this field.

19. Amazon Web Services

Amazon is the number one portal for ecommerce. Everyone knows about it. You can buy almost everything online. Therefore, to solve the problems of customers you can create web services. These web services are tailored to solve specific problems.

20. Freelance Writer

Last but not the least is freelance writing. It is everyone whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional. Anyone can start writing for your client. Later on, you can start blogging and make huge money. Freelance writing is very easy and you can start now.

Please remember not all 20 online jobs are for everyone. You have to choose one or two according to your qualification and skill. Try to choose a job that suits you the best. Not every single job mentioned above is for you.



  1. Sarita says

    I wanted to online job in part time.I am Draughtman Civil & Interior Design course are also done 2013.Please any job like me please contact me.

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    I M rupali. I want to do something work from home without any kind of investment. plz suggest me it.

  3. BALJEET KAUR says

    I’m interested the online jobs. Plz give me full detail of online jobs and how can i apply these jobs. I m confused to apply the online jobs.

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    I’m interested the online jobs. Plz give me full detail of online jobs and how can i apply these jobs without investments.


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