1. Soumen says

    Really, It helps me. Thank You for post this.
    But I have a question that can I use my savings account for paypal?

    • Jacob says

      Thank you for giving good understanding about Paypal account opening. I have a question: is credit card ia must or not for Paypal account opening?

  2. Sushant Warankar says

    I have read your articles on making money online. As per your instruction, I have take online facility on my saving bank account. Now I am on the step of my paypal account get to be varified after completing these steps I’m going to make account on PTC and other sites. Shuold I create account on PTC site today or i must wait for my paypal account get varified?
    Kindly update me on this matter?
    Thanks & Regards

  3. patel ritesh says

    hi priya thanks for 21 ways to save money but I am student so I want some online job which I can do at home. if you have some idea please send me link.

  4. AB says

    Hey, there! I have a SBI Maestro Card, without Internet Banking. I live in a different city than where my account was opened. So, I suppose I can’t apply for Internet Banking at this moment. So, what’s the alternative? Can’t the money be transferred from Paypal to my Debit Card Account directly?

    • says

      There is no need for internet bank to be enabled for PayPal account. You can simply link your bank account to PayPal & the money from PayPal will be transferred to your account.

  5. Nakul says

    hey can i make a pay pal account using my name and bank details and entering pan card details of my mother ????

  6. Sanjeev says

    Hi I just opened a new paypal account and added my debit card details.
    After half an hour a transaction of 60 rupees has been debited from my account for paypal.
    Is there any registeration fee in paypal ?

  7. kirubhakaran says

    i just opened a paypal account and got it verified…previously there was 1000 rs balance in my account…..then i received a payment from for 2.50$ for the work that i did……it got autotransferred (123 rs} to my bank account…now when i checked my bank balance it says zero balance……is it true that paypal withdraws upto 2000 rs from your account as verification or account opening fees…and this is on top of paypal transaction fees and currency conversion fees if any..isn t this a fraud…..nowhere in paypal website or even in this article it says that there ll be a massive fees or even hidden charges…..why do they abuse the customer s trust this way

  8. irfan khan says

    hii… maine premier paypal Account create kiya hai, aur main ptc aur doosri earning sites pe work karna chahta hun, aur apna ek blog bhi banana hai mujhe. mujhe ye batayen ke in sab kaamon ke liye mujhe paypal mein kaunsa purpose code dena chahiye jo blogging mein bhi suit kare aur ptc vagairah mein bhi kare. aur ye bhi batayen ke kya ek baar purpose code dalne ke baad usko badla bhi ja sakta hai ya nahin..

  9. Himabindu says

    I am working tru online website i.e Bubblews.So now I have to open an account in Paypal for withdrawls.What is the maximum withdraw can I get from paypal to my account per week .In Bubblews once we reach to 50 $ we can redeem tru paypal.So if I open a paypal account u told that we should give pan card number.I have pancard number also so can I open account in Paypal.Will Paypal supports all the banks in India just for withdrawl purpose.

  10. Bhaskar says

    Hi Sir,
    i have recently joined paypal and linked it with my account today but the small amount of money is still yet to be transferred to my bank account. My question is that i am going to receive my PAN card within few days and still i have linked my bank account with pay pal …so will there be any deduction from my bank account as i have not provided my PAN card details in paypal account.?

  11. Siddharth says

    Hey there I have a question
    My PAN name is Siddharth K Mehta
    My Bank name is the same
    My paypal name i have kept
    I read on paypal that my PAN name should match my Paypal name.
    So I am confused, i still haven’t verified my account
    Should i keep K my fathers initial too in my Paypal name since it is there in PAN name or is it ok if its not there

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