Why Clickbank is Not a Success in India?

Anyone who wants to make money online must have come across ClickBank. If you do not know then let me tell you ClickBank is an affiliate network that pays you money in commission

if you sell products to online customers who are looking for this. Many individual from India come to this site with a desire that they will make hell lot of money in a short period of time. We also call them affiliate marketers. Unfortunately their enthusiasm is short lived and all dreams come to an end when they don’t find Clickbank success.

So why does it happens?
Why affiliate marketers overestimated the Clickbank affiliate program?

In reality if you are an affiliate marketer from India you will really find it difficult to sell products and make money. Hence we must try to analyze those factors because of them Clickbank has not become a success in country like India.

This is equally applicable to other Asian countries where Clickbank is not that much successful. It will really help you plan your career in affiliate marketing in a much better way so that you may avoid failures. Therefore let’s discuss them one by one. clickbank-success-india

E- Connectivity in India

The first and foremost reason why Clickbank is not a success is lack of E-connectivity in India. In India people who are connected to Internet is very less compared to countries like USA, Europe etc.

This really makes a difference. If you have less people connected to the Internet then off course less people will come to know about your product or even anything that is going on the Internet.

Quantity does matter here if more individuals are joining Internet daily then only it is going to make any difference.

In china there are about 500 million internet users but in India the number is still very low. In fact not just Internet in china number of book readers are in million compared to India where they are few thousands.

Let’s hope that as India grows more and more people will be connected to the Internet and your opportunities may increase to make money with Clickbank.

Purchasing Power

Second impediment for affiliate marketers of Clickbank in India is purchasing power. Yes! As a matter of fact purchasing power of people here in India is too low. For your kind information per capita of this country is only $1400 which is very low. Huge population in this country really cannot afford to buy things online.

They are not capable of swiping their credit cards because they do not even have a bank account. So purchasing power of people is really a big concern for any one who wants to make money with Clickbank.

If you know per capita income of USA is about $48,000 hence affiliate marketers in that country can get a lot of customers who are ready to swipe their credit cards for some great products and it makes the Clickbank success there. Until people’s purchasing power increases in this country affiliate marketers have to wait for now.

However on a good note things are improving in India.

Way of Life also adds to Clickbank success

Third most important factor to consider here is way of life of people in India. It may sound you how does way of life is related to Clickbank success. My dear there is a lot of connection.

As any affiliate marketer of Clickbank knows that you make money through selling eBooks or software products. Basically these products are instantly downloadable. However in India still many people do not read ebooks. For any help or advice they go to their family members or friends.

In one sense this good thing however lack of reading capabilities makes them less attracted to books online. In fact they do not know that many solutions to their problem can be easy solved by products which are available on Clickbank.

For your information let me tell you in China a book is called best seller when sales are in millions but in India it becomes best seller when sales is only few thousands. Hence you can identify the big difference.

Lack of Affiliate Marketers

Next factor that is not allowing affiliate marketers to become successful with Clickbank would be lack of very affiliate marketers who can reach out to needy audiences or people who are desperate for solutions of their problems.

Only few dare to promote Clickbank products here in India because they know there is no one who is going to buy products like eBooks and software programs in India. So many people who are online and want to buy eBooks have not enough knowledge about Clickbank.

Most of the affiliate marketers who are making money through Clickbank are from USA or other English speaking countries. Here in India affiliate marketers only promote campaigns like membership to certain dating site.

They are not willing to sell hardcore products which may earn them anything between $30 to $100 per sale. Therefore for anybody to be successful in Clickbank in India must build a strong network of affiliates that can reach out to potential customers.

Trust Deficit

Next factor to consider here is trust deficit among Internet users in India. People do not trust that transactions are genuine and they believe some one is going to steal their money. This is the reason even if few individuals want to buy products but they do not.

However I do think there is a genuine reason behind this trend. It is actually cyber crime that is responsible for this trust deficit between affiliate marketers and their customers.

In USA this is very less because thousands of people daily buy something online. So transparency is more compared to India. If customers show confidence in online shopping then only it is expected that Clickbank affiliates can make money here in India. Till then we can only hope for the best.

Time Has Not Yet Come

Last but not the least reason I believe is that the time has not yet come. I hope in coming future, if India grows and its middle class expands we can have more people coming to Internet and buying things from website like eBay, Amazon or even Clickbank.

Still India has to go far in terms of e-commerce. In future we can hope that affiliate marketers in India can get a better deal.

Hence affiliates can wait for some time in meanwhile they must hone their writing skills because in the end you have to persuade your customer to buy things. To sell a product to US customers as an affiliate marketer in India is very difficult job. Hence you must learn art of persuasion.


Finally in conclusion I would only say know why Clickbank is not a success in India. First reason would be lack of e-connectivity, second purchasing power of the people, thirdly their way of living, fourthly lack of affiliate marketers, fifth one is trust deficit among consumers and last would be time has not yet come. Hence before you decide to start your career as an Affiliate marketer for Clickbank you must consider above mentioned factors.

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  2. I Appreciate Priya Madam She Has Done Lot Of Research About Indian Market.. .She Was Absolutely Right In Some Ares..But Many Indians Are Buying Products Through Online Like Flipkart, Ebay.in, Snapdeal Etc…So Guys Concentrate On Click Bank Join And Advertise With Many Sources…All The Best…

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  4. mohamed iqbal says:

    Hello Priya Madam Ji.

    Im Mohamed Iqbal ashik from Tamilnadu…
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    • hey suresh i make a great bog but do you get more traffic on your blog because if you have click bank a/c+ traffic = money so my reply if you see my message about online marketing other thngs because i am newbie’s so want to learn more your experience

  8. Earning from Clickbank for Indians is no doubt difficult but the reasons are different. Most successful Clickbank affiliates use PPC advertising which are contextual and Geo-targeted. Geo targeting for Clickbank products is very important . The ebooks are written mostly by the European and American authors are more related to the people residing in these regions. Clickbank also has ebooks in Spanish and other languages which will require Geo-targeting. One has to become an expert in advertising before taking up marketing of ClickBank products to achieve success.

    Clickbank affiliates are earning six figure income in dollars monthly. Once again proper learning and implementation alone will fetch results. Treat it like a business it will earn you lie a business. If you treat it like a hobby it will earn you like a hobby.

  9. pawwala says:

    hii frenz.
    Can anyone tell me how to register/sign up new a/c in clickBank.

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  10. Johnson says:

    Dear Priya, I can not agree with you of the reasons why Clickbank affiliate programme is not a success story in India because internet and ClickBank is a worldwide network and as an worldwide ClickBank internet site affiliate you don’t have to limit your horizon to the country where you reside. OK but for Indian companies’ / Indian sites’ affiliation where products are delivered in India only the reasons you say may be applicable to the failure.Thanks.

  11. R DIVYA BHARATHI says:

    Failures are the stepping stone for success…………..!

  12. Tony Jacob says:


    I have to say that this article is amazing. I totally agree with the facts and figures he/she has mentioned. The person who wrote this article has done a lot of research. Really it is not the right time now to start this Click Bank business. Maybe if we see in the future people in India have started to do all of the facts & figures like America or English speaking countries, then we can consider. Right now go get a job for your self or start you own business but not E-commerce.

    • N Manojkumar says:

      Hi Tony,

      I totally disagree with you. People in India can start Click bank online business. Have to do some more research on the same, and People in India too can make good money with E commerce. I am one of the few who had got cheques from Clickbank.

      • Mahesh Raikhelkar says:

        I am from India and i just start to work as a Affiliate Marketer for Click Bank. So please tell me your experience how to promote the product and earn money through Click bank


        Mahesh Raikhelkar

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      • Hi Jeff,

        Would be great help if you can clarify some of the issues discussed in the comments .

        1. Can an Indian sitting in India sell product to an American/European sitting in America/Europe ?

        I guess internet throws the whole world as a market i.e. What I understand by globalization .

        Can I become an affiliate to Americans and sell them a solution .

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      Hi K J Roy,
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  28. I totally agree with the part that Indian don’t trust Clickbank products and they don’t buy. But that’s not a reason that any affiliate marketer from India or any other Asian country could not be a successful affiliate marketer. You need to reach out to your audience and in case of Clickbank, majority of your audience is US, Canada, UK and Australia.

    I make sites and target people from these country. Remember we are on internet and we are connected to each and every part of the world. It really doesn’t matter you are India or US, you can make money from anywhere just with a laptop and internet connection.

    • Part Time Online Jobs says:

      Yes, you are right. You need to target the US & UK if you want to sell Clickbank products. Either you can do this through AdWords or targeting US through webmasters. If you don’t specify target country in webmasters account, you will receive majority of traffic from India only.

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  30. Itz Very.. True And Informative.. Thankz 4 Such an Article. And also i hope that the “TIME WILL COME FAST”

    • Why Clickbank is Not a Success in India?.

      Very good question “why clickbank is not a successin india?”. There are many reason of this. I am listing here few comments:

      * Corruption: As per gentery in India there are veryd much fraud cases so people are afraid about there hard earned money

      * Limited resources: If people have money then they do not have enough time to spend on this and if they have time then resources are not available.

      * Safty: many people do not find themselfs secure in dealing.

      * Instant: People want the results instant they do not have patiance.


  31. This is a question to people from India. If I have a product (ebook or software) and want to promote it in India, would it be wise to translate it to Hindi language?


    • Dear All

      The product is used by well educated people so there is no need to traslate it in Hindi. Moreover the end user know English as English is to be read by Indians as a second language.

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    • Hi friend, Nice to read your comment here. I want to start a click bank product service…can you help me to understand what kind of products are actually sold in India or even worldwide and what could be be the right method of reaching out to customers. Thank you

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  38. Dear All,

    I dont understand one thing that why are you all concerned about India ? it is true that purchasing anything online is still not that big but see this.

    Internet is global business
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